Credit Repair Summit
Learn How to Start,
Operate and Profit from the
Credit Repair Business

Why Attend The Credit Repair Summit?

And what will be waiting for you there?

The Summit is the leading training venue for the credit repair industry with 24/7 access to the most powerful content, speakers, social community available to the credit repair industry. This bi-annual event will evolve each session with new speakers as it delivers the absolute freshest content available to meet your individual needs. Be special. Be a leader. Be the first. !

Be Trained by The Best Speakers

The Credit Repair Business is a business just like any other business. According to Markus Lemonis of the hit CNBC TV Show The Profit, I believe that business is about People, Process and Products. Profits only come from getting it all correct.? For this reason, the speakers selected for this event are nationally recognized business trainers from a broad cross section of disciplines that will concentrate on your People, your Process, and your Product. As professionals they have honed their message for the credit repair industry with content for the start-up to thesuccessful veteran. You will be blown away by their knowledge and expertise.!

Join the Best Social Credit Repair Community

The Credit Repair Summit social media platform provides attendees the opportunity to become a part of the largest social community for the industry-it provides members the opportunity to build relationships, exchange ideas, and to make life long new friends around the country. Share, Grow !

From your Home, Office, or Beach!

In yesteryear, you had to travel long distances at great expense to be trained by what you hoped would be experts in their fields only to be disappointed in the sales presentations and pitch sessions. The Credit Repair Summit is different. There is absolutely no selling, no pitching, only content to educate and motivate you to reach your own Summit. The event concentrates on: your business, your family life, and the value you bring to your clients. The Summit’s speakers are professionals that present as many as 100 events per year around the world. You will learn to improve yourself, the way you deal with your internal and external customers and of course to make and keep more of the money that you earn. Don’t miss the Summit and the opportunity to absolutely


Learn How to Start,
Operate and Profit from the Credit Repair Business